Cory Grambart Marketing know how. Where is the Hook???

Cory A Grambart

There is so many ways to market. I keep finding that most Companies and people miss the mark when it comes to selling their product or service through marketing. Fist where is the hooks, and what do i mean by hooks? what is it that will drive people to your product right away.  Listen in my opinion you must figure out and or seek advise on what will set you ahead or the appearance of setting your company ahead of the rest, even if you are not you must appear that way. 


Next thing lets talk hooks:

What is it you can offer that no one else can offer your customers? Deferred payments, longer warranties, discount offers, Free stuff for estimates or extra products. There has to be something. the days are over that you just advertise just quality work. Think Gimmick look at politics today how this IRS…

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