Drawing the line with GMO’S

Cory A Grambart

Ok. This is where I draw the line . If you want to educate people on GMOImage and show them a better way great. But to vandalize crops that will help 1.5 million children in 5 years then you have crossed the line it’s out personal choice to not eat it. But many countries are poor and need to eat so don’t make the choice for them. Violating people’s right to have any food because its not good enough for you is bull shit. The vitamin A deficiency kills hundred of thousands. So my destroying something that may save them or their families is not your choice. Educate and inform but it’s their choice. If it saves one of their life’s then it’s worth it what if I planted the seeds I created on my property and it cures cancer. Who are you to not let people with cancer choose to…

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