Teen Driver Arrested After Fleeing Injury Crash In So. San Francisco

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CBS San Francisco

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – An 18-year-old driver was arrested Monday after fleeing the scene of a rollover crash that seriously injured a passenger in his car, police said.

Officers responded to reports of a rollover in the 400 block of Cabot Road at about 3:15 p.m., South San Francisco police Sgt. Bruce McPhillips said.

A preliminary investigation indicated that the driver of a Toyota 4Runner—later identified as Juan Antonio Garcia, of South San Francisco—was attempting to make a U-turn when his vehicle flipped over, McPhillips said.

Witnesses saw Garcia running away from the scene with two of his three passengers, MchPhillips said.

Arriving officers found the third passenger, a man in his 20s, still inside the vehicle, McPhillips said. He had suffered major head trauma and was taken to a hospital.

Garcia and the two other passengers were found hiding in some bushes near the Bay, McPhillips said.


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Cory A Grambart

“There’s nothing you can do,” he says, trying to make her feel better. “I know you’re worried about him. Some guys you meet them… you just know they’re going to be ok – Survivors. Jason’s one of those guys. You know that, right?”

Looking at the second sneak peek video, Alcide appears to have hit the nail on the head. The “Radioactive” clip shows the freed prison vampires dancing around Bill’s yard in the daylight while Violet feeds off a seemingly willing Jason. Although Eric fed Jason his blood in episode nine, it’s actually Violet that Jason is craving.

“Remember how you said the day was going to come where I was going to want to have sex with you?” he asks the alpha vampire. “What if that day has already come?”

“Not yet,” Violet responds. But Jason’s desperate for some loving. “Little by little we’ll get there,” she…

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UK police examining recently received information on death of Princess Diana

Global News

LONDON – British police say they are examining newly received information relating to the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, and that officers are assessing the information’s “relevance and credibility.”

Scotland Yard declined to provide details about the information, only saying Saturday in a statement that the assessment will be carried out by officers from its specialist crime and operations unit.

The force stressed that it was not reopening the investigation into the 1997 deaths of Diana and Fayed, who were killed in a car crash in Paris.

In 2008, a British jury ruled that Diana, the Princess of Wales, and her companion, Fayed, were unlawfully killed due to reckless speed and drinking by their driver, and by the reckless pursuit of paparazzi chasing them.

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Police investigate early morning drive-by shooting at Windsor, Ont. home

Global News

WINDSOR, Ont. – Police in Windsor, Ont., are investigating a drive-by shooting that occurred early Saturday morning.

Officers say a home (on Wellington Avenue) was shot at from a vehicle driving by.

They say there were people inside the home when the shots were fired but there were no injuries.

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DPChallenge Fit to Write… A Double Life

A Double Life

I often wonder what my life would have been like had I been able to cope with it using something other than a substance.

I should have somehow learned to handle life’s challenges, disappointments, hardships and daily ups and downs like everyone else (well, not really everyone else by far, but you know what I mean).

I have been using alcohol for the majority of my adult life as my cure-all for just about everything.  It worked quite well for a long time.  Until one day I took a little 20-question test on-line – “Are you an alcoholic?”  I answered all but about 4 or 5 YES.  I was shocked.  Not shocked that I answered yes to most of the questions.  Not shocked that I was a drinker.  But shocked  that at the bottom of the quiz it stated that if you answered yes to THREE or more questions, you were PROBABLY an alcoholic.  I was an alcoholic.  I kept that little secret to myself for many years.  I am a pretty good secret-keeper.

It wasn’t always alcohol that I used for self-medication and comfort.  Food was my first real substance abuse.  First it was the lack of food, the control of food.  Not eating was my way of controlling something.  I had no control over what was going on with my parents, so I took control of my food.  I didn’t know this was what I was doing at the time.  It took me years to figure that one out.  But once I learned to purge, things changed and I began binge eating, then throwing up so I wouldn’t get fat.  This, we know now is anorexia/bulimia.  When I found alcohol at the age of 17, the bulimia slowly faded from my life.  Alcohol did what food did, but faster.

So alcohol has been a part of my life for 30 years.  Until the last 7  years of my life, it didn’t really even look to me as if there was a problem. Things went pretty smoothly.  Smoothly in that I mean I had no DUI’s, no jail time, no child services calls, etc.  None of the typical “my life is a disaster” issues.  Oh, there is that one time on my 18th birthday I got taken to jail for drunk in public, but that got wiped off my record so it doesn’t count.   In fact, even in the last 7 years I still have had no DUI’s, jail time or child services calls.  I have been gainfully employed, married, had children, divorced (wonder why?), and remarried all in the past 20 years without much incident.  I am very good at showing the world – the neighbors, my employer, my doctor, even my own mother how normal I am.  On the outside.  But behind closed doors, things are not quite so normal with me.  Only those that I have let in close, which are very few, have seen the real me, the total me.  I have been able to keep up a pretty nice facade for a long time.

I have a mortgage, I have two wonderful teenage boys, one of which just went off to the Army to serve our country, I have a decent, well-paying job.  I run with my dog just about every morning, hangover or no hangover.  This feat has gotten more difficult as the years have passed, but I am the only one who knows that (Well my husband has some idea.)  I even smoke when I drink (and when I don’t, sometimes), and I am pretty good at hiding that!  So most everyone who sees me in my circle of life, really wouldn’t ever suspect I am alcoholic.

But I am an alcoholic, and I struggle with it every day.  You see, even though I was lucky and didn’t kill someone or myself, or shatter my children’s lives by being so irresponsible that child services took them away, alcohol still caused a great deal of mental anguish and suffering.  It still does.

During the past 7 years, I have been to many, many AA meetings and 3 outpatient treatment programs three separate times.  I have had two different AA sponsors.  I have had psychiatric evaluations, which divulged both depression and Bipolar disorder.  I have been prescribed Paxil, Prozac, Depakote, Antabuse and Revia.  (Mostly antidepressants, one is a craving med).  I have had counseling weekly, and I have prayed, meditated and worked 4 of the 12 steps.

However, I have yet to maintain a steady stream of sobriety longer than 9 months.  Now, 9 months is pretty good.  Anything is pretty good, when you consider that the alternative could be disastrous.  Since that 9 months I have been sober 30 days, then drank, then 60 days, then drank, then 5 days, then drank, and on and on.  I do know what it is like to be sober.  But I have not found the “serenity” that is promised in AA.  I have not found a way to calm my screeching mind when it aches for a drink, or a pill, or something to calm it.  All the hours spent in group therapy and AA meetings and talking to sponsors and other alcoholics has not given me a reprieve.  I have not learned the lesson they are trying to teach me.

I am not happy drinking.  I am not happy not drinking.

I have come to a cross-roads in my life where I have decided that I will stop trying to “recover” and start trying to understand me and the way I operate.  Once I understand that, maybe “recovery” will be a reality.

Drawing the line with GMO’S

Cory A Grambart

Ok. This is where I draw the line . If you want to educate people on GMOImage and show them a better way great. But to vandalize crops that will help 1.5 million children in 5 years then you have crossed the line it’s out personal choice to not eat it. But many countries are poor and need to eat so don’t make the choice for them. Violating people’s right to have any food because its not good enough for you is bull shit. The vitamin A deficiency kills hundred of thousands. So my destroying something that may save them or their families is not your choice. Educate and inform but it’s their choice. If it saves one of their life’s then it’s worth it what if I planted the seeds I created on my property and it cures cancer. Who are you to not let people with cancer choose to…

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